What is Sagamiko Illumillion?
Awarded three major illuminations in Kanto from 2018 to 2022
Comprehensive entries for the 10th Illumillion Awards in 2022.

Sagamiko Illumillion, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, is an illumination event
where you can enjoy the magnificent view of light harmonized with nature that utilizes the height difference
between vast land and slopes using 6.5 million LEDs in the metropolitan area, an hour from the city center.
It has evolved every year through the introduction of the latest technology and area renewal, and in 2022,
it won the Grand Illumination of Kanto last year. (Second after 2018) and in 2022, it was also elected as the second place
in the overall entertainment category for the third consecutive year at the 10th Illumination Awards.
Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest 1634 Wakayanagi, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-ku, Kanagawa-ku.
By Car
About 8 minutes from the exit east of Sagamiko to Tokyo from Chuo Expressway.
About 10 minutes from Sagamiko IC in Aichi Nagano Yamanashi, Chuo Expressway,
about 15 minutes from Sagamihara IC in Ken-ou Expressway.
By Train
Subway station JR Central Line,
about 8 minutes by bus station.

The Illumination Area of
『Doraemon Nobita's Earth Symphony』
(43rd film, released Friday, March 1, 2024)
has appeared★
Twinkle twinkle theme area of
『Doraemon Nobita's Earth Symphony』

Using notes and musical symbols, you can walk over the illumination
in a 250-meter rainbow lift representing the staves and get off the lift to see
the illumination Area of the Doraemon: Nobita's Earth Symphony.
Original goods and novelty gift menu
In addition to the original goods that depict the illustrations of the characters
who enjoy playing in the amusement park of the shining night,
there are also food and drink menu with original Novelty gift.

Novelty gift special ticket
Special tickets for clear sheet gifts
that show notes when look illumination★
Look at the illumination by using clear part at the middle!
※Image photography

■Admission ticket (free lift from 4:00pm)
 2,100yen to 2,500yen for adults,
 1,400yen to 1,800yen for kids and seniors.
■Free pass (available from daytime)
 4,700yen for adults,
 3,900yen for kids and seniors.
■Illumi Pass (available from 2:00pm)
 There are changes in fares depending on the period of
 3,000 yen to 3,200 yen for adults and 2,400 yen to 2,600 yen for kids and seniors.

※There are 2 types of clear sheets that show the notes. You cannot specify the pattern.
※This ticket is a ticket with Novelty attached to various regular tickets.
You can also enjoy the illuminations with regular tickets.

Sticker rally
Look for signs of Doraemon, Nobita Nobi,
Shizuka Minamoto, Takeshi Gouda, and Suneo Honekawa hidden
in the amusement park with hints! If you find all the signs,
you'll get an original clear card as a gift.
Sticker Rally Paper+Sticker Paper
※Image photography
Original 3D card
※Image photography
◆Sticker Rally Paper◆
Sticker rally paper sales location: Souvenir Shop Pleasure Station.
Sales Time: Opening Time to 1 hour before business end
Price: 700yen (tax-inclusive price)

※Original 3D cards are 2 types random. The pattern cannot be selected.

Hall of light and sound
In the space that covers all 360 degrees with illuminations and laser lights,
Doraemon's music and the music of the performance with the show of light will be released
in a movie to commemorate the release of a movie in a theater
「「Doraemon Nobita's Earth Symphony 」is all musicians!」
Violinist Hakase Taro Born at the Doradora♪ Symphony Project The magnificent four-minute show,
including 「Your Pocket」, is the number one must-see special illuminations this time.
※「The hall of light and music」is in the area below the mountains.
◆360 degrees all around illumination space◆
An area on a mountain
In the 250-meter 「Rainbow Lift」 that on the mountain area,
the illumination area of「Doraemon: Nobita's Earth Symphony」
shines when you take the skywalk lift over the Illumination.
◆Iconic Illumination◆

The rainbow lift
It's a 250-meter rainbow lift that depicts a stave.
It's a score for a walk in the air.
Can you guess what song is it?

art wall
Giant illumination art wall
welcomes guest.

face dome
Iconic illumination of
Doraemon's face
with a semicircular balloon.

Toys' paradise dome
(Doraemon photo spot Square)
Illumination where
Doraemon happily plays with toys.

Anywhere door
A huge anywhere door
that appears across the street
in the photo location small light.

Road of PHARE
What happens when you jump on shiny plates!?

Big doraemon
A huge Doraemon flying
on a Take-copter over a bridge
with the motif of the bridge,
and river in the movie.
♪Photo wall(Doraemon photo spot square)
You can take pictures like this!
♪Photo wall
(Doraemon photo spot square)
You can take pictures like this!
it's full of cute illuminations♪

Doraemon decoration
ferris wheel

Cement pipe
photo spot

photo location
The lower part of the mountain

Gate of light
Doraemon coming out
to meet you at the gate
in front of the souvenir shop.

Photo spot appears
on the wall of Fort karakuri.

"Earth Symphony"
Photo location
Photo location where you can take photos with fantasic scene from a movie.

Food Menu
Food with Movie 「Doraemon: Nobita's Earth Symphony Illumination」original food menu.
You can get novelty if you order one menu♪
◆Place: The restaurant「Wild Dining」
※Allergy List is here

※The price is all tax-included

Food Menu
Doraemon's Star and Notes Bolognese pasta
A meat sauce spaghetti with raw ham and cheese,
Doraemon, and a monaka with notes printed on it.
Melody played by Doraemon♪
Hamburger steak curry
It includes a monaka printed Doraemon,
which is everyone's favorite,
and the sheet of the soybean sheet with notes.
Doraemon&Mikka&Chapekku's Sio Ramen
It includes fish cake printed with
Sio (Salt) Ramen Doraemon & Mikka & Chapekku and
note shaped grilled eggs in the form of sheet music
and soybean sheets printed sheet music.
Doraemon♪Orchestra Plate
Chicken ketchup rice, star-shaped croquettes,
karaage, fried shrimp, Potato salad, pancakes,
and other plates of volume.
There's also a monaka with Doraemon printed on it.
Doraemon♪Kid’s Curry Plate
Curry platewith mild flavored curry,
star croquettes, and pudding.
There's also a monaka printed with Doraemon.
Dessert&Drink Menu
Doraemon Conductor's stick Churritos
With Doraemon's baton as the image.
There's a macaron with Doraemon printed on it.
Doraemon's Symphony Parfait
It includes a macaron printed with
sparkling star-shaped sugar and
blue Hawaiian jelly with parfait Doraemon
in the image of the star sky.
Doraemon bell hot Oshiruko
(Sweet red bean soup with white balls)
Sweet red bean porridge topped with
a drop of monaka and a cookie in the form of a note.
There's a sparkly gold dust with the image of illumination.
Do-Re-Mi-Fa♪ Corn Soup
The corn soup warms your heart
while watching the illuminations.
There's a monaka with Doraemon printed on it.
White Chocolate Hot Latte
Cute latte with Doraemon printed on it.
It's sweet white chocolate flavor.
Star night sky Emerald Green Soda
Sparkling star that floats on the cotton candy
like a soft cloud transforms into a star sky.
A macaron printed with Doraemon,
Micah, and Chapek is on top.
「Doraemon bell hot Oshiruko」
「Doraemon♪ White Chocolate Hot Latte」
「Do-Re-Mi-Fa♪Corn Soup」
this 3 menus can receive
one cup sleeve.
(One menu by one cup sleeve.)
Novelty gift
Customer who order
Doraemon food menu can receive
random Table mat.
(One menu by one Table mat.)
Customer who order
Doraemon Dessert&Drink menu, can get random cup coaster.
(One menu by one cup coaster.)

※Depending on the sales situation of goods, they may be sold out.

※The price is all tax-included

A shining bracelet
Shining Doraemon light
Shiny candy(2 types)
750yen each
Random acrylic key holder
(6 types)
750yen each
Random can badges(7 types)
500yen each
Acrylic stand(3 types)
1,100yen each
Two clear file sets
Eco bag
Print cookies
A star candy
750yen each
Chocolate crunch cans(2 types)
1,800yen each
A mini towel
A pen pouch containing jelly
Magnet(2 types)
1,100yen each
Novelty gift
A mini shoulder pouch will be given
to customers who purchase
more than 4,000 yen including
original goods at the souvenir shop
Pleasure Station!
※Limited quantity
A mini shoulder pouch will be given
to customers who purchase
more than 4,000 yen including
original goods at the souvenir shop
Pleasure Station!
※Limited quantity

Doraemon Nobita's Earth Symphony
Doraemon Nobita's Earth Symphony will be released on Friday, March 1, 2024
Doraemon's adventure theme this time is music! Music exists in our daily lives for granted.
But what would happen if music disappeared from the earth?
This is a completely original story about Doraemon and his friends who are trying to save the earth from a crisis,
through the familiar theme of music!